I’m offering a set of pictures for purchase. These are unique silver gelatin prints on fiber-based paper. The size of a picture is 30×30 cm, and the size of the glass/steel frame is 40×40 cm. These pictures were a part of my solo exhibition held earlier this year.

And here is the catch: I won’t pocket any of that money. Instead, I’m asking you to make a donation of the price to a local charity that I care a lot. ViaDia is a Christian organization in my hometown that offers housing for homeless, food for hungry, help those returning to society from prison sentences, support to recover from substance addictions and mental health struggles. They are very hands on grass roots operation!

The price of each picture & frame is 250€ / $250

Shipping and handling as follows:

*Pick up in Tampere, Finland 0€
*Shipping to Finland: 15€
*Rest of Europe: 45€
*US: $90
*ROF: case by case

This is how you buy:

1) Contact me over email at slowlight.us@gmail.com or with an instagram message at https://www.instagram.com/arijaaksi/ and tell me, the numbers of the pictures you want, your name, address, and phone number.
2) Make a donation to the VidDia organization through this link: Lahjoita.
3) I appreciate if you pay shipping to me. In that case, please, tell me you preferred payment method. I accept IBAN bank transfers, PayPal, Mobile Pay, US personal checks (a standard mail or a picture over email ok), US bank transfers and cash. 
4) If any questions, please, contact me and we’ll sort it out!

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