I’m offering a set of pictures for purchase. These are unique silver gelatin prints on fiber-based paper. The size of a picture is 30×40 cm, and the size of a simple frame is 40×50 cm. 

These pictures were a part of my solo exhibition held earlier this year. However, they were not offered for sale there — but only now. 

The price of each picture & frame is 200€ / $220

Shipping and handling as follows:

*Pick up in Tampere, Finland 0€
*Shipping to Finland: 35€
*Rest of Europe: 65€
*US: $130
*ROF: case by case

Buy in bulk: additional pictures -20% (including art + shipping + handling)

This is how you buy:

0) Contact me over email at slowlight.us@gmail.com or with an instagram message at https://www.instagram.com/arijaaksi/
1) Tell me, the numbers of the pictures you want, your name, address, and phone number. Tell me you preferred payment method. I accept IBAN bank transfers, PayPal, Mobile Pay, US personal checks (a standard mail or a picture over email ok), US bank transfers and cash. 
2) You can pay either just the shipping now, or both the art and shipment. If you paid for shipment only, I trust you pay the rest when you get the picture.
3) If any questions, please, contact me and we’ll sort it out!