Purchase unique prints

  1. Look at my instagram feed or pictures presented on these pages. See what you like!
  2. Contact me at slowlight.us@gmail.com to tell about your ideas and expectations
  3. I’ll create you prints from my negatives and send them to you. You pay if you like — you send them back if you don’t.

So, I offer traditional old fashioned analogue dark room prints of my work. My standard size is 30x30cm. The prices are as follows:

-One picture print: $275 / 250€  and after that all other prints from the same picture each $230 / 200€ .

-Add $70 / 50€ for a 50x50cm frame pictured below. Other sizes negotiable.

-Add posting and handling — reasonable, just expenses!

High resolution digital images also available upon request.

I accept PayPal, IBAN bank transfer and US personal checks.  You can contact me and order prints via Instagram or over an email at slowlight.us@gmail.com.